Informative FGD Gypsum Related Web Links

Agricultural applications:

OSU Fact Sheet - Gypsum for Agricultural Use in Ohio - Sources & Quality of Available Products

OSU National R&D Network of FGD Products in Agriculture

USDA ARS Gypsum Fact Sheet

Recycling gypsum panel products in agriculture:

Gypsum Recycling International - Gypsum Wallboard Recycling

PACKER Industries, Inc. -

California Home - Construction & Demolition Recycling - Wallboard (Drywall) Recycling

Gypsum panel products:

Gypsum Association Website

Cement production:

Portland Cement Association Website

Highway construction:

FGD Scrubber Material - Origin & Management

FGD Scrubber Material - User Guidelines

Mining activities:

DOE-NETL Publications & Projects


Global Gypsum